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Old News

The Missing Spoons recently participated in the Philemon Wright High School Battle of the Bands, where they placed first. In addition, James Farr as a solo act placed second overall. It was a great show, and fortunately, I managed to get an interview with James over the phone today:
JAMES: Hello? Is this ANOTHER person calling about the battle?
JERRY: Hahahaha, hi James. It's me, Jerry.
JERRY: You know, the guy that does your fan site.
JAMES: Oh yeah, okay. Sorry Jerry, it's just that I've been getting a lot of phone calls lately from record company's and stuff regarding the performance.
JERRY: I bet! That was a great show!
JAMES: Yeah, I thought so.
JERRY: I was actually calling to see if I could ask you some questions about it.
JAMES: Shoot.
JERRY: Hahaha. Okay., what was that in Stuck In The Middle? You took the mic and pretended to saw Misha's ear off. What was that?
JAMES: Have you ever seen Reservoir Dogs?
JERRY: No, my mom won't let me..
JAMES: Oh. Well there's this scene where Stuck In The Middle is playing while this guy is cutting off another guy's ear. So that's basically it.
JERRY: Oh. And that original that you played, what's it called?
JAMES: Oh, that's called "Greenback/Walkin' Tall". See, it's actually two songs that I just combined for fun. I liked it though.
JERRY: It was beautiful. So were you surprised you won?
JAMES: A little. I knew we had a pretty good chance, but I'd never won anything before in my life, so it was pretty exciting to win something for once.
JERRY: Oh and your solo bit, why Hallelujah and Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
JAMES: Well, Hallelujah is one of the best songs ever, I think, and Where Did You Sleep is just so haunting, you know? I love it.
JERRY: I was crying during Hallelujah.
JAMES: Hahah. Yeah I get that a lot. Anything else?
JERRY: No, but once again, I'd like to thank you for letting me interview you. I mean, you're James Farr, Missing Spoons. How much better can you get?
JAMES: hey, I'm just a regular guy, like the rest of us. I put my pants on the same as you, one leg as a time.
JERRY: Sure. Thanks, James.
JAMES: No problem, citizen. Buy a t-shirt!
JERRY: Already have.
JAMES: Oh..bye..
(James hangs-up)

In a recent press conference, James Farr was quoted: "Yeah, we decided we're gonna have fifteen originals on the CD. We've been writing like crazy."

JERRY: So I heard you guys were working on a new album. How's that going?
JAMES: (laughs) Who told you that? Yeah, we are working on an album, but it's still in it's early stages.
JERRY: Like how early?
JAMES: Well, let's put it this way. Some of the songs we hope to have on it we haven't written lyrics to.
JERRY: Jesus.
JAMES: But it's almost there.
JERRY: How many songs can we expect on the new album?
JAMES: Hmm...good question. I'd say about ...thirteen, fourteen? Your standard album.
JERRY: Do you have a title?
JAMES: Yeah, we think it's gonna be: "Have You Seen Us?".
JERRY: Who'll be playing for you?
JAMES: You mean besides the regular guys?
JERRY: Yeah.
JAMES: Well, I dunno. We'll probably end up putting Zander Profeit in somewhere, I'm not too sure exactly where though.
JERRY: Zander Profeit?
JAMES: Piano player. The kid's got talent, I can tell you that right now.
JERRRY: Sounds good.
JAMES: Yeah man.
JERRY: How many originals can we expect on Have You Seen Us?
JAMES: Should be almost all of them. However, I would like to put a cover of No Woman, No Cry on there if I can.
JERRY: What? At all the shows I went to, you were mostly playing covers. What's up with that? Have you been writing at some crazy pace? Or what?
JAMES: Well, most of the songs I have written in the past two months or so. Also, I haven't taught anyone in the band the stuff except Mackenzie. Most of them haven't even heard it. Another reason is that we hope to be playing it just before the record comes out, just to build the suspense up.
JERRY: Where can we get the album?
JAMES: Well, you'll probably have to order it off the site. I'll kick my ass and call you Marty if it gets any distribution.
JERRY: That won't be neccesary. WHy don't you think you'll get any distribution.
JAMES: Well, we're still not that well-known, believe it or not. We're only like, fifteen and sixteen anyway. Like, we were playing at a rugby party earlier this year.
JERRY: Yeah, you really brought the house down that night.
JAMES (laughing) Yeah, that was a good show.
JERRY: So when can us eager fans hope to have "Have You Seen Us?" in our grasp.
JAMES: The band's hoping for sometime in 2005, but nothings certain yet.
JERRY: Well, I'll get a copy as soon as I can, and I know that other Spoons fans will too. What will you be charging for it?
JAMES: Well, probably about the regular price for an album, like $17 or something like that. But like I said, nothing is certain yet. (Long awkward silence) Can you leave now? This is getting kind of awkward.
Well there you are folks, lots of tasty info from guitarist and lead singer James Farr.

December 22nd 2004
The missing spoons will soon be working on a new album of 11 tracks, 10 originals entitled: have you seen us. When interviewed on the subject, James Farr stated "I think it'll rock your socks off. Hell, it rocked mine. Yeah. Maybe we'll have mo' than eleven tracks. I dunno. Maybe even a secret track, qui sait? Pas moi."