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The Missing Spoons was formed in 2003 when flamenco guitarist and singer James Farr, drummer Mackenzie Charlton, and alto-sax player Alex Charlton met in Mackenzie and Alex's room to discuss an English project they had to do. James was 13 at the time, Mackenzie was 14, and Alex was 16. They decided to make a C.D, which as everyone knows English Teachers will lap up like cream if it's done right. So they created two of possibly the worst songs in existence: Mocking The Duck (No Strings Attached), and Tommy. They created a cool album cover and named their band "The Missing Spoons" for reasons unknown. They called their first album: One Knife, and brought it in triumphantly to their next English class. It was well received and there was talk of a second album. This was realized a few months later when the Spoons teamed-up with crack-bassist, guitarist, pianist, and tenor sax player, Geoff Aucoin. With the immense help of Geoff, the Spoons recorded another two track C.D, one entitled Romeo, the other Juliet. Romeo was agreed to be a piece of garbage, but Juliet was the first real mark of a well-done song by the band. The three original band members invited Geoff into the group and he accepted on the spot, although still apprehensive owing to the immense failure of his first group, Pyjamers. Long-time friend of James and Mackenzie, Misha Shojaee-Zrudlo, was invited to join the group because of his rock'n'roll know-how with the guitar. Alex soon left after Juliet, due to the pressure of school and an online comic. Later that year, the two guitarists Misha and James had a show with a blues-munching English man Greg Newing. They liked his style and invited him to join the group. A few years later, Greg left the band to pursue other things. So,with Mackenzie's smooth flow of rythym,  James's middle-eastern guitar and sweet vocals, Misha's rock'n'roll, and Geoff's astounding musicianship and composing abilitythe group is one to be reckoned with.  To read James's bio, click here. To read Mackenzie's bio, click here.  To read Geoff's bio, click here. To read Misha's bio, click here.