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James Farr was born on August 25th at Riverside Hospital. He was surrounded by music all his life, so it was no surprise when at the age of twelve, he took up guitar. His father bought him a Yamaha dynamic guitar, an old nylon-stringed sunburst style one. The nylon strings would be a foretelling into his music. After two years of rock and roll, James began to learn flamenco guitar from a teacher named James Cohen, a true master of the six strings. James,  while trying to delve into the mysteries of flamenco, is also greatly influenced by gypsy jazz, blues, soul, gospel, and rock n' roll. James's most influential players: Lightnin' Hopkins, James Cohen, Django Reinhardt, Sublime, Robert Johnson and Paco de Lucia


Yamaha Dynamic Guitar
Custom made Murray Morgan Flamenco Guitar
Cream colored Fender American Stratocastor
Peavey Amplifier
Dunlop Capo