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Mackenzie Charlton is the second oldest member of the band next to his brother Alex, and was born in Ottawa on November 19th, 1988. Mackenzie
always wanted to be a drummer since he was a very small child, but it only seemed to be a fantasy. However, in the summer of 2002, his dream
was fulfilled when his parents bought him a drum set as a graduation present. He quickly caught on because he knew that The Missing Spoons
would only be complete with real drums, opposed to the crappy maracas he was using before. Mackenzie to this day has never had any
instruction as to how to play drums, and is completely self-taught (UPDATE: Mackenzie has begun lessons with a great teacher, and is learning many things with lightning speed).As time went on and the band had become more serious,Mackenzie was looking into other genres of music and decided that he would purchase a djembe, as another means of percussion, and it is now used in all acoustic songs. Once again, he has never had any lessons for this handrumming. On the drum set, Mackenzie has taught himself mostly rock and some blues, as well as other, less conventional styles. As for the djembe, he has made up his very own style of playing, which cannot fall into
any particular category.

Djembe Drum
Intex Drum Kit
Zildjian Cymbals